Transforming Business by Transforming People

Insight International Consultancy is a dynamic and responsive workforce development partner that focuses on supporting organisations to grow through engaging their people. Proudly Australian owned and from our base in Adelaide, Insight has grown to a point that now sees us partnering with medium to large organisations across Australia, New Zealand and S.E. Asia.

Our experience has largely been in organisations that contain significant employee numbers that work across diverse roles and responsibilities within the same organisation. We value long-term working relationships with our clients and work with them to support organisational growth and improvement. Insight’s programs are developed and delivered using a variety of materials and methodologies dependent upon specific client need.

We …
Build Business
Build People Capacity
Build Performance Capability

Insight Stories

Discover our success in transforming businesses by transforming people; and understand the rewards transformation delivers. Watch real people discuss real results gained through our unique approach to workplace learning and development.

Click on the image below to go to our Insight Stories website where some of our clients tell their story.

Click here to go to insightstories.com.au

Insight’s three core functions (our Centre for Executive Performance, our Business College and our Workforce Development services) make it possible for us to provide you with the complete people development and capacity building solution to any business need.

In our capacity as an RTO, we are able to award graduates from our programs with formal qualifications that are nationally recognised. Our team of program designers and facilitators create innovative and engaging learning programs that make a difference to your every day workplace and your bottom line!

Leadership Insights

Leadership Insights is an interactive leadership assessment tool. For further information on this interactive tool and to obtain a demonstration version, please click on the link below.

Leadership Insights

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